As Of August 9, Canada Has Allowed Its Southern Neighbors To Come To The Great White North By Land (instead Of Only Via Air).


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Evan Fournier, seen here playing for France in the Olympics, gives the Knicks a bigger 3-point presence. (Charlie Neibergall/AP) With Bullock planted on the perimeter, the Knicks were fourth in the NBA in 3-point percentage (38.8%) but 26th in 3-point attempts (30.1 per game). Fournier should help quicken the pace but he’s not looking for a specific number of attempts. “I’m not a numbers guy at all. I take what the defense gives me,” he said. “I like shooting 3s so I guess it works for me. But I think it’s about playing the right way, taking good shots and adding shooting is going tp help. But to be honest, I’m not entering the game thinking we have to take 40 3s I’m just going to take what’s in front of me.” Luca Vildoza remained out of training camp with “an ankle issue,” according to Thibodeau.

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Singapore passed the milestone of vaccinating 80% of its population this week. The country has announced that it will pursue a strategy to live with Covid, instead of trying to aim for zero cases. That begins with the opening of quarantine-free travel lanes with Germany and Brunei and will likely include similar agreements with other countries in the months to come. That's great news for Singapore's tourism industry, which has been battered by the border closure. Restaurant owners have been some of the hardest hit as local lockdowns also meant locals couldn't dine in, either. Amid the tourism panic, Michelin released its annual guide to the Lion City's restaurants on September 1. One shocker was the news that Hawker Chan -- a longtime favorite food stall whose $2.50 chicken and noodles with soy sauce dish was widely known as the least expensive Michelin meal in the world -- lost its star ranking for the first time since the Singapore guides debuted in 2016. 7. Canada greets US tourists coming by car American Rebecca Soffer and her family attend a Toronto Blue Jays game. As of August 9, Canada has allowed its southern neighbors to come to the Great White North by land (instead of only via air). For Massachusetts resident Rebecca Soffer, who has two young unvaccinated children, that made a family vacation to Canada something she felt comfortable doing during the pandemic.

“His death leaves a tremendous void in the Indian Creek family,” school officials said. “As such, counselors have been made available to both students and staff as they work through the grieving process.” Jamie Morris, 40, died of COVID-19 on Sept. 4, according to his wife . He was a 7th-grade teacher at Pierce County Middle School and a father of three. He also coached middle school soccer and football. Angela Sistrunk, 62, died of COVID-19 Sept. 4 in Savannah, according to . She was a longtime 6th-grade science teacher at DeRenne Middle School who had retired, but came back to teach this year.

Remarkable Mountains and Valley, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand. If it seems like a thought experiment, it is one that Jacinda Ardern’s government is under mounting pressure to engage with. For the past 18 months of the pandemic New Zealand has been largely off-limits to international visitors, including those citizens based overseas. I was lucky to make it back just before Christmas, in the lull before the UK variant stormed the globe. Since then, the barriers to entering Aotearoa from overseas have become immense. Some are necessary to protect public health, and laudable as part of Ardern’s best-practice pandemic response; others are the result of systems and policies that could be refined. All are experienced unevenly in line with social and economic inequality. But the end result is that New Zealanders overseas – thought to number 1m, at least pre-pandemic – have been prevented from going home, and to some degree by their government. In particular the booking system for hotel quarantine – where demand for rooms far outstrips their availability, though thousands stand empty – has been an ongoing source of frustration. For months the only way to secure a spot has been to “cheat” by using a bot to refresh the page faster than a person can. This week the government finally responded to criticism, introducing a randomised queue to make booking more transparent and equitable.